About Us

Katherine K. Williamson, DVM


Dr. Williamson has spent her entire career around animal athletes, and has worked in virtually ever aspect of veterinary medicine.  A graduate of the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Williamson has worked as both a regulatory racetrack veterinarian as well as a private practice racetrack veterinarian.  She is the author of several original studies that examined the effects of strenuous exercise on canine gastric health, as well as articles related to equine nutrition.  For 10 years, she worked as a staff veterinarian for a large livestock feed company before starting Waypoint Veterinary Education and Consulting, with a goal of providing high-quality education and consulting in the area of equine performance nutrition and nutritional recommendations for equine disease.

Michael S. Davis, DVM PhD Dipl ACVIM ACVSMR


Dr. Davis is a veterinary physiologist and board-certified specialist in veterinary internal medicine and veterinary sports medicine. His studies in horses have demonstrated the induction of asthma-like airway disease by strenuous exercise performed in cold environments.

Canine studies have included the development and validation of preventative methods for exercise-induced gastric disease as well as helping to identify novel metabolic pathways used by elite canine athletes to support fatigue-resistant endurance exercise. These studies have provided the United States Armed Forces with valuable information on the physiological capabilities of working dogs, as well as the methods for producing maximal performance and sustainability of these dogs.

Why Us?


The goal of Waypoint Veterinary Education and Consulting is to provide personalized education to veterinarians, whehter it is to address specific problems of individual patients or clients, create tailored educational programs to address specific needs, or simply meet continuing education requirements in a manner that is different, exciting, and enjoyable.  As veterinarians, we understand what our practitioner colleagues are faced with in the many competing demands for their time and treasure, and we are commmited to working with them to help solve their problems.